dime a dozen

From AI Idea to $150,000 Sale: The DimeADozen Success Story

Imagine turning an AI-powered idea into a $150,000 success story with minimal investment. That’s precisely what Sal Aiello and Monica Powers achieved with their side hustle, DimeADozen. In this article, we’ll dive deep into their journey, unveiling the power of AI in entrepreneurial ventures.

dime a dozen

In the world of side hustles, DimeADozen stands out as a remarkable success story. Aiello and Powers leveraged their unique skills and AI technology to create a tool that helps budding entrepreneurs test their business ideas. The concept was simple but brilliant: fill out a form, and DimeADozen would transform your answers into valuable insights using AI, all in record time.

What made this side hustle truly impressive was its profitability. With just $150 spent on the web domain and hosting, nearly all the earnings—over $66,000—went straight into their pockets. They achieved this by offering a service that not only saved time but also provided reliable results, something that traditional methods often struggle with.

Their journey culminated in a significant milestone—a $150,000 sale of DimeADozen to a husband-and-wife duo, Felipe Arosemena and Danielle de Corneille. These new owners plan to make DimeADozen their full-time venture, while Aiello and Powers will continue to advise the company while working just five hours per week.


The DimeADozen success story illustrates the immense potential of AI in entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s a testament to how innovative thinking, technology, and determination can turn a modest investment into a thriving side hustle. As AI continues to evolve, who knows what other remarkable opportunities await aspiring entrepreneurs?Stay updated on the latest AI news and tools by signing up for our free daily newsletter, ‘Robot Pigeon.’ Discover more inspiring stories, helpful resources, and the latest trends in the world of artificial intelligence. Don’t miss out on your chance to stay informed and inspired.