Meet Kombai, the revolutionary tool that takes the complexity out of generating high-quality UI code from design files. If you’re a developer tired of the manual tagging, naming, and grouping of elements, Kombai is your game-changer. This cutting-edge tool employs deep learning and heuristics models to effortlessly create code that matches your design files with precision. Kombai doesn’t just stop at the surface – it generates the complete package, including DOM structure, flex-related CSS, React components, high-quality JS code with loops and conditions, and functional components for form elements. Plus, Kombai introduces “design prompt engineering,” giving you the power to shape the code you want. Currently in “public research preview,” Kombai is free to use for individual developers, making it the perfect ally for your UI development projects. Say goodbye to manual coding struggles with Kombai and embrace the future of UI code generation.


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